Sections: Woo Shop

The activation of the "Live Composer Woocommerce Integration" extension will add 5 sections to the Live Composer editor bar. By default, the Live Composer bar will use the option "Show all". When you are using more many premium extensions, it can be difficult to find the right modules. In order to make the navigation easier through modules, the "Live Composer Woocommerce Integration" extension is organized in sections. 

Woo Shop Elements

  1. Listing
  2. Recent Products
  3. Featured Products
  4. Selected Products

Excepting the "Listing" element which can be used on templates, all the elements can be displayed on any WordPress page. Here is a short description of the Woo Shop elements:


 "Listing" element

This element can be dropped just on the "Shop" page.

 "Recent Products" element

Display the most recent products from your shop.


 "Featured Products" element

Use this element to display the featured products from your shop.


 "Selected Products" element