Filter – Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Arguments

All the arguments for post types and taxonomies now have filters so you can alter them. This was asked by a developer so he can change the labels ( “Projects”, “Add Project”… ) to something else that suits his theme better, but you can also change other arguments with this.

Here’s the list of filters: 
  • dslc_projects_cpt_args, 
  • dslc_projects_cats_args, 
  • dslc_downloads_cpt_args, 
  • dslc_downloads_cats_args, 
  • dslc_downloads_tags_args, 
  • dslc_galleries_cpt_args, 
  • dslc_galleries_cats_args, 
  • dslc_partners_cpt_args, 
  • dslc_partners_cats_args, 
  • dslc_staff_cpt_args, 
  • dslc_staff_cats_args, 
  • dslc_testimonials_cpt_args, 
  • dslc_testimonials_cats_args

For the list of arguments you can check the source code or check the  register_post_type() and  register_taxonomy().