Module styling control: Text-Shadow

Text Shadow

A new option type has been added to Live Composer ver. 1.0.4, it’s text shadow. It’s been added to several modules ( Text, Content, HTML, Title, Meta, Excerpt, Icon ) and we’ll keep adding it to more modules in upcoming releases.

To use this option in your own modules simply set the type of the option to  text_shadow. If you are applying a default value to the option then use the usual order of parameters “horizontal vertical blur color”.

	'label' => __( 'Text Shadow', 'live-composer-page-builder' ),
	'id' => 'css_main_text_shadow',
	'std' => '',
	'type' => 'text_shadow',
	'refresh_on_change' => false,
	'affect_on_change_el' => '.dslc-html-module-content p',
	'affect_on_change_rule' => 'text-shadow',
	'section' => 'styling',
	'tab' => __( 'Content', 'live-composer-page-builder' ),