Custom header / footer functionality in your theme

Header/Footer functions

As it is by default ( with themes that define support for LC header/footer functionality ) the header/footer was handled by LC and was part of the content filter. That was a bit of an issue with some plugins that also filter the content which was causing the content from those plugins to show up before the header or after the footer, which of course is not good.

If your theme doesn't have this feature, you can add it going to your theme functions.php and add this code:

define( 'DS_LIVE_COMPOSER_HF', true );

You can now tell LC not to automatically output the header and footer with this:

define( 'DS_LIVE_COMPOSER_HF_AUTO', false );

Then you can output the header and footer yourself with the two new functions ( you’ll, of course, output header in header.php of your theme and footer in footer.php ):

echo dslc_hf_get_header();  echo dslc_hf_get_footer();

Those functions will automatically determine which header and which footer should be displayed on which page.