How to create and edit headers and footers?

By default Live Composer is a regular page/content builder. The Headers and the footers are usually powered by the theme. You can download any free or paid theme from our website to have header and footer editing available via Live Composer. Here is how header editing process looks like

Follow the next steps to create a header

Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Headers/Footers and create a new header or footer.
Select the header type.

Regular - With this option you can create as many headers you need. On the pages editor, you have a selector from where you can load this regular header.
Default - If a header/footer will have this feature, it be loaded by default on your theme. No further selection action needed.

Select the header position. The "Fixed" position will set the header in a fixed position. If need to make the header sticky, please read this article. 


If you are using a different theme then the ones we provide, in your custom/current theme, you can activate the header/footer feature using very simple PHP code:  Custom header/footer functionality in your theme.