Templates for Blog Posts and Custom Post Types

Page design adapt to the content

It's easy to create unique layouts for different pages in Live Composer. Your website design should make the content attractive and easy to digest. I hope this is why you are using our site builder.

Posts have a similar content format

On other hand, blog posts or custom post types share the same content format.  It makes no sense to recreate a page for each of them. This is why we have  Templates section in Live Composer page builder. Now it's easy to create the same "shared" design for every post. It's even more convenient if you decide to change the layout later. No need to redo it on all your posts again. 

What is a post template

Basically, post templates allow you to create one design in Live Composer and then apply it to all the posts. Then if you decide to change it ( for example move a sidebar area from the left side of the content to the right side ) you just change it in the template and it will be changed on all the posts.

Creating a post template

You can manage post templates in  WP Admin → Appearance → Templates. It’s a custom post type, so adding a new template is like adding a page or a post. Click the Add Template link to add a new template.

For the title of a template, you can enter anything you want. For example, if the template is for blog posts you can name it “Blog Post”. Other than the title there are 3 options for templates (check screenshot).

Those 3 options are well explained right there in the option descriptions, so no need to explain it here as well. But there are some things to note.

Default Template

You can have as many templates as you want, but there can be only one  default template per post type. That template is applied to all posts of that post type that are not set to use some specific template. Creating a  default template when one already exists will make the new template  default and the old one will automatically be switched to  regular.

Regular Template

You can apply a non-default ( regular) template to specific posts. When you go to edit a post in the admin you will see a section in the top right corner called LC Template. That is where you can set which template the post should use.

Editing the post template

To edit the post template go to WP Admin  Appearance  Templates and click on "Open in Page Builder" link for the template you want to change:

Special modules for post templates

There are several modules made specifically for post templates. Those modules are dynamic, the output is based on the currently shown post. The simplest example of what that means is the  Title module. It will always display the title of the currently shown post.