Using Featured Image as Row Background

There is an interesting option available in ROW settings in Live Composer: you can set the current post/page featured image as the ROW background. This can be handy when you want to create advanced post header designs like shown below.

In this post template, I have a ROW with a background set to use the featured image. Inside of this row, I placed Meta module with post publishing date, Title, another Meta with author name and on the bottom of the section we have Excerpt element styled to have a white background.  

Here is screenshot with the ROW settings.

You can also add a semitransparent layer on the top of  the image using the next controls:

Here is where you upload featured image for each post in WP admin:

Dear Developers: we have a filter for this feature

If you are developing plugin or a theme for Live Composer you can change behavior of this field.
See this article in our developer docs section: dslc_row_bg_featured_image

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