How to make full width rows?

Live Composer page builder outputs the content in the theme content area (part of the page with content from WordPress text editor). Every theme has it's own custom content width limit. To create a full width sections in Live Composer you can:

  • Install one of our official themes created specially for Live Composer.
  • Find the CSS code in your theme that limit page width and disable overwrite it with custom CSS code as described below.

Row types: Wrapped vs Full Width

By default in our site builder every section (row) content is limited to the maximum width set in WP Admin > Live Composer > General Options > Max Width. You can make the section content full width by changing the next setting in the row options:

Overwrite custom width limit set in the third-party themes

So, here’s the CSS code you need to get the theme’s content wrapper allow LC to go full width:

body.dslc-page .content {max-width: none;}

You can use a plugin like  My Custom CSS to add the code, so you don’t have to edit any files.

After you do that, set the “Max Width” in Dashboard > Live Composer > Settings > General Options to 1110 so the inner LC content is wrapped to that size.