Activating The Editor

Activating The Editor

When you are on a page (not in the WP admin, the actual page, like your website visitor would view it), in bottom right corner is a green button called  Edit in Live Composer. Click that and the page will reload in editor mode.

Edit in Live Composer

When you are on a post (either blog post or any of the custom post types) that button is named  Edit Template. If there’s no post template associated with that post type then the button is named Create Template and takes you to the admin, but more info on that in the Post Templates section of the documentation.

Deactivating The Editor

After you finish editing and wish to save ( publish ) those changes you made, click the button in the bottom right corner named  Publish Changes. If you do not want to save, then skip this and just disable the editor.

If you want to save your changes but not publish them for the visitors, in the same area you will see a button called  Save As Draft. Click that and the changes will not be published but next time you activate the editor they will be there for you.

To go back to the regular (non-editor) mode, in that same area (bottom right) there is a red button called  Disable Editor. Click that and the page will reload in regular mode.